Half way there

June 10, 2009 § 5 Comments


It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought our baby home and our little fellow is already 6 months old. The past 6 months were like a roller coaster ride – highs of baby grins, cuddles, sloppy kisses and lows of feeding issues, sleepless nights and mood swings. Whatever it may be, the journey sure was interesting.

Ninu is an expert crawler now. He has found a technique which is somewhere in between crawling and all-fours and he is very fast at that. He covers the entire hall in a matter of seconds. He loves going under the armchair and hiding there. He waits until one of us spots him and then he grins widely as if to say “See where I am!”

His grasp is better too. He is slowly learning the princer grasp, he will get there one day. He sits really well with support and can manage for a few seconds without a support. He is more eager to stand rather than sit. His sleep schedule has gone haywire. He sleeps whenever he wants and I am not trying to change it. He wears dangling earrings now and looks just like a girl. I so want to dress him up like a girl. He is teething badly and has a stomach upset every now and then. I know it is normal, but I wish those darn teeth make an appearance soon and put and end to his miseries. We are making progress on the path of solids. He tried mashed carrot and loved it. Palak soup is his favorite now. He has learnt to say ‘Amma’, though he doesn’t know what it means. I love it whenever he utters that word.

When my baby was a few days old, I wanted him to grow up so that he could respond to me. I wanted his face to light up whenever he saw me – and indication that he knows his mother from the rest of the world. I badly wanted to see a smile and see myself in his eyes. When I saw his first smile, I wanted him to coo. That happened and I wanted him to hold me tight. Then I wanted him to crawl around. Then I wanted him to sit. Now I am badly waiting for that day when he starts talking. While I am waiting for the next big thing, I am forgetting to enjoy what I already have. Why am I in such a big rush? Why can’t I enjoy the drooling smiles and toothless grins that I have now rather than eagerly wait for something which will eventually come? Am I the only one or all mothers are like this?


§ 5 Responses to Half way there

  • ramblingroses says:

    Happy half birthday Ninad!! I’m like you too, I want Kiki to grow up fast but then I listen to her babbling away and doing her usual baby stuff and decide to enjoy the present because these precious ones grow up too quickly!!

    • bloreknitter says:

      Oh that babbling. I want Ninad to start doing that soon! See, this is what I mean. Why I can’t enjoy what I already have? Sigh.

      How is the relocation happening? Isn’t it just around the corner?

  • Josie says:

    All mothers are the same! I used to wish for Alvin to start walking soon when he was in the roll-over phase! and, My mom used to warn me against my wish saying: ” This is the only time you can catch some breath for urself. Once they start walking, they will make you run behind them!” and, true to her words, he is keeping me on my toes now! and, I love it!

    Enjoy the present! the future will anyways arrive! 🙂

    • bloreknitter says:

      I know! My mom keeps telling me the same thing, but I still can’t stop wishing that he walks soon!

  • nancyje says:

    Enjoy these days. They will go so fast you will wonder where they went. I know my oldest is 32 and my youngest is 27. I wonder where the time has gone. So, please heed the advice of your mothers enjoy the time now. Don’t wish for them to grow up to fast. You won’t get that back. So enjoy your little ones now! Thank you for let me remember those times with my own.

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