July 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

Helpless – that’s what I was the whole of last month. My little baby had bouts of stomach infections one after the other and all I could do was stand back and watch helplessly. As soon as he turned 6 months, he had a very bad stomach infection which lasted for 2 weeks. The infection itself was quite okay. He didn’t have any stomach pain, just pooping every few minutes. The most troubling part of it was the post-poop operation – rashes. He would cry out in pain and I couldn’t do anything. The medicine that the doctor prescribed seemed to trouble him even more and my heart cried every time I applied the medicine. Just when he was recovering and things were looking bright, he had another infection. This whole saga continued for 3 whole weeks.

Everybody, including myself, attributed this to teething. His gums hurt, so he puts everything in his mouth, hence the infection – seemed logical to me. What followed was an investigation as to what exactly was causing the infection. Looking at the kind of things he puts in his mouth, it is impossible to clean everything. Toys, books, phone, his hands, his toes, his knee (not making it up), chair wheels, stroller wheels (ewwww, I know), diaper – you get the idea, right? (Did you notice teether is not on the list? Yeah, he puts everything into his mouth, except the teether. Hey, I know one thing which is not giving him this infection.) We kept a close watch on him. Whatever he put in his mouth was cleaned thoroughly (atleast we tried). We restricted his movements, we changed his feeding bottles, we gave him all kind of medicines – we did everything we could but the infection recurred again and again. One fine day, it occurred to me that all this started just when we introduced a new formula into his diet. When he turned 6 months, we are supposed to switch to the next level and that’s what we did. Little did we know that this will give us endless misery. Thank my stars and the Almighty that the tubelight in my head lit! Once we stopped that formula, my baby is back to normal. He has his once-a-day poops now which is so relieving. (Pun is unintentional).

The little fellow has lost a lot of weight and looks really thin now. That doesn’t mean he is any less active. He can sit without support now, he learnt that really fast. He is very efficient in moving himself to that one place where he can cause the most damage. You leave him in the hall and walk into the kitchen only to see him right behind you. He is going places! He stands up with support and this is making me jittery. That day is not too far when he will learn walking and running and I will be running behind him. Atleast I will lose some post pregnancy weight!

BTW, do you know what is the most often repeated sentence in our house right now? “Don’t eat that”!

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