September 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

Ninu reached the nine months mark a few days back. The past month saw a lot of changes in him. He pulls himself up and stands with support wherever possible. What that means is he can stand holding my dress, his dad’s trousers, my mom’s saree – anything. He is no longer satisfied with just standing, he climbs on things and that is scary. He is trying to stand without support, hope he masters this skill in the coming month.

Behavior wise, there has been a sea of change. Ninu can understand every single word I speak. He follows Marathi, but since I speak to him Kannada, that is what he is going to pick up first. He understands and points at all these things – fan (his favorite object), crow (very helpful at mealtime), flower (the one on the bedcover), Papa (hubby is one proud daddy now), cooker (Ninu is really scared of this), Didi (his cousin’s photo). If he sees something new, he wants to know what it is. He stretches his hand Amitabh Bachchan style and asks ‘Eeee?’ meaning he wants to know what that thing is. When I answer his question, he has a very thoughtful look on his face as if he really understood what I told him!

He has become a picky eater now. If I try to feed him something which he doesn’t care much for, he starts shaking his head to indicate No. The shaking continues for a full minute even after I abandon my attempts of feeding him. He can drink fluids from a glass now, as long as it’s not milk. Water, juice, buttermilk are fine in a glass, but milk has to be in a bottle. Something tells me weaning him off the bottle is going to be tough.

The greatest news is of course about teething. Ladies and gentlemen, Ninu is finally getting a tooth. I can see his upper tooth peeking through the gums. My guess is he will get atleast 4 teeth by the end of this month.

§ 3 Responses to Nine

  • Preeti says:

    Priceless!!!! Yay for teeth:)

  • rima aranha says:

    What a cute picture! Hehe.

    My parents had a hard time weaning me off the bottle. I was on the bottle until I was 2 years (see, I was addicted). Finally one day, they threw the bottle. I supposedly cried my lungs out for a few days, and then forgot about it. After a couple of months, I saw a kid with a bottle just like mine. I howled again for a day or so, and life went on. Well.

  • expressionsinyarn says:

    Lol! What a cute pic! Loved the way Ninu puts his hands forward ‘amitabh bachchan’ style! 🙂

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