What does a crow say?

February 5, 2010 § 3 Comments

You don’t know? You should ask Ninad that. As soon as you say crow, he says ‘kaaw kaaw’.

He can blabber some things like ‘ka’, ‘da’, ‘ta’, ‘ma’, ‘ba’, ‘pa’, but he can’t talk yet. He says ‘amma’ when he is crying, but he doesn’t address me as amma. He is very conscious whenever we ask him to say something. My mom has been teaching him to say ‘mama’ since so long and even though he can say it very well, he won’t. Sometimes, he says it unknowingly and when he realizes that he actually spoke, he feels shy and turns red. I don’t know what’s with this guy that he feels shy to talk! I have found a way to overcome this. I have associated some words with his friends. Lakshit says ‘dada’, Sanskriti says ‘baba’, Abhi says ‘mama’ and so on. If I want Ninad to say ‘dada’, I ask him ‘what does Lakshit say?’ and pat comes the reply ‘dada’. If I ask Ninad to say ‘dada’, he won’t utter a word.

Ninad can climb now. He climbs on everything – chairs, tables, beds, stairs – every single thing. He loves climbing on the dining table so that he can spill the water in the jug. That is his favorite past time now.

He is slowly taking notice of this thing called TV. He is interested in some of the ad jingles, serial title songs and so on. One favorite ad of his is the bubble gum ad in which the crow poops on a kid and the kid takes his revenge using the bubble gum. He likes the title song of Jogula. What’s with this serial anyway? Every woman (and some men too) I know is following this serial. I agree the serial is somewhat bold and tackles a controversial subject, but it’s not all that great, but I digress. Another ad that Ninad likes is the baby soap ad. When the mother is applying soap to the baby’s face, Ninad makes a crying face, fake of course. He enjoys his bath but for that part which involves putting soap on his face. So, whenever he sees this ad, he makes a face to say that the baby will also cry.

He loves phones – wired or wireless, landline or mobile, real one or toy. He puts it to his ears and tries to say hello. He likes anything that involves holes, screws, buttons, assembling and disassembling. I have got him this box of blocks which he loves. He likes books too. He looks at his alphabet books, points at the telephone and says hello, points at the grapes and the elephant. On the other hand, he has no interest whatsoever in coloring. I got him some crayons which he hardly cares about.  I am guessing painting isn’t a career option for him. Songs are another attraction. I sing all the songs that I know and he still can’t have enough. I have ran out of lullabies and rhymes, if anybody has some suggestions, please let me know.

I am thinking of sending Ninad to a play home for a couple of hours a day. He is clearly bored at home and gets cranky. He goes to the park twice a day for an hour each, but that’s not enough. He loves kids and company, so I think he will enjoy at the play home. I also worry that he is probably too small to be going to a playhome. Any advice?



§ 3 Responses to What does a crow say?

  • Josie says:

    He is a typical boy.. jus like Alvin! touch wood!
    I would say wait till he turns 2 yrs old to put him in playschool.. once they start, they will be in school for a lifetime.. let him be at home for as long as he can.. that is my logic..
    Alvin is 2yrs and 3 months old and we are planning to start his playschool from this June!

  • Preeti says:

    The social stimulation with other kids his age will be great but he’s still a baby….so I would say, hold off daycare until he’s a little older. Remember with Daycare come colds and coughs and sniffles which is why I’ve held Kiki back. I think sending our kids off to any form of out of home care is harder on us moms. I am bound to let lose on the waterworks once Kiki starts pre-school in the fall.

  • knitnkanmani says:

    wow you have knit such beautiful things, next time I come to Blore I am going shopping .WHich size circular needles did you use to knit the sweater ?Its awesome:)
    Alos where do you buy the needles, commercial street?

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