At the clinic…

October 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

We took Ninad to the doctor for his teething problems. Ninad has been teething badly and doesn’t sleep well at all. On the way to the doctor, I had a chat with Ninad and asked him to tell the doctor about the pain. I also told him that the doctor will ask him to open his mouth wide so that he can see his gums. Ninad knows the story where Krishna opens his mouth and his mom sees ‘Brahmanda’ (world), so I used that story and said Ninad also should open his mouth wide.

Cut to the clinic. Ninad is plonked on the table. Doctor asks him ‘How are you Ninad?’ Promptly comes the reply, “Hallu bou, galla bou, kai bou” which means ‘Teeth – pain, cheeks – pain, hand – pain”.  The doctor got his torch out and said, ‘Open your mouth’. Ninad opened his mouth wide and after a second, he points to his open mouth and says ‘Brahmanda’! The doctor didn’t realize and when I told him the story, he laughed out loud. Ninad and his Brahmanda!

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