I am a knitter, eager to learn the techniques and tricks of the knitting trade. I have been knitting for almost five years now and looking forward to add many more years to this. I recently started designing knitwear and am enjoying this process.

Why did I take up knitting? Honestly, I don’t know. This was a spur of the moment decision and I am surprised my interest has sustained so long. Looking at a finished object gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Juggling between work, and my other hobbies like music, travel, cooking and books, knitting acts as a stress buster and helps me keep myself sane.


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  • Dulce Fernandes says:

    I am an as avid knitter as you are. Would like to know you. Hardly know as knitters in Blore. Am a mom to a two year old too and a software engineer with SAP Labs. Hope to hear from you on my email address.

  • Aman says:

    Hi, I want to join you all. Even i love knitting and m from Bangalore. After my daughter’s birth i’ve been knitting most of her woolen cloths.

  • Tushara says:

    i came across your blog from revelry. Iam a really novice knitter and am fascinated with the way you have taken up knitting. I had some questions regarding the cardigan you knitted for your nephew ( post on 5th Jul’10) – would you be kind enough to answer them for me? I fit is ok with you, please tell me where do I email them.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi, nice to meet you !

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  • cn says:

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  • Anonymous says:

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